Red Cat Squad Sounds

Red Cat Squad Sounds 1

Circus Cosmopolitana: Rebel vibes for deviant tribes

„Red Cat Squad Sounds“ is a non-commercial music project supported by „Red Cat Squad“. We have jointly founded „Circus Cosmopolitana“ as a series of mixes and more, that has only just been started here.

The title of this series – „Circus Cosmopolitana“ – means that we, who share the same music, share the same world as well. Therefore „Circus Cosmopolitana“ isn‘t just music, it‘s a certain worldview. It also means that we should not think in states or nations but realize that today everything is linked and everybody is connected. Consequently, we all should live together as equals in one global unity. And because we‘re stronger together, this title also means to dance together through all the current disasters and – if only in spirit – raise our hands against these mad times we‘re living in. Because only united we can make a difference in this world, in order for the outcry „The fairest system is a soundsystem“ to cease to be true at some point in future times.

The first mix of this seriesCircus Cosmopolitana #1 – Songs of Freedom – is a handpicked selection of some of the best fabulicious worldbeats, irresistible dance sounds, pushing basses & inspiring vocals from all over the world – fusing into one never-ending escapist dance.Red Cat Squad Sounds 2

Determined to create an anthem to freedom, peace & cultural exchange, we have chosen some of our favorite music tracks from a variety of musical styles – mainly Worldbeat (such as Electroswing, Balkan Beat, Klezmer, Mestizo & Bhangra) and Ethnotronica (such as Organic Techno & Tribal Dance), but also some Drum‘n‘Bass, Liquid Funk & Tech House beats, as well as some Breakbeat, Ragga, Dub, Reggae & Hip Hop tunes, complemented by a few essential Singer-Songwriters.

And because each of these musical masterpieces has helped us to stay positive – especially during the last years (since the Covid pandemic began) and weeks (since the war in Ukraine started) – this mix session is meant to be a splash of light in dark times and a call to remain optimistic and move your body to feel free for some moments, regardless of the circumstances. This mix is also a special gift that comes from the heart to all our friends, near and far. At any rate it‘s an in-spite-of-everything-celebration of the mind-blowing diversity of humankind, love & music itself. We hope you enjoy!

Due to the coronavirus this first DJ-Set was composed, mixed by hand and recorded live at home. This is also the reason why this mix serves as a digital substitute for the „Red Cat Squad“ website launch party, as well as for a planned analog „Circus Cosmopolitana“ events series, that all have been cancelled owing to the exceptional circumstances since the spring of 2020.

Nevertheless, you can get the official „Circus Cosmopolitana“-Shirt here. Also, the original artwork for the first session is available here as Fine Art Print.

Furthermore, you can support “Red Cat Squad Sounds” by visiting our partner project “Red Cat Squad” – which, originally, is an environmentally sustainable Graphic Design- & Silkscreen-Manufacture, that offers Ethical Fashion (such as T-shirts, Hoodies, Underwear and upcycled Second-Hand clothing) as well as Art Prints, Postcards and other things – all eco & fair, as well as hand-drawn & handprinted by Elaila Lilienthal.