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Circus Cosmopolitana – Rebel vibes for deviant tribes

Hey music (and cat) lovers! Dive into the “Red Cat Squad” vibe, where art, beats and our furry friends come together! Introducing „Red Cat Squad Sounds“ a non-commercial music project supported by „Red Cat Squad“. We have jointly founded the Circus Cosmopolitana“ as a series of mixes and more, that has only just been started.

Ready to groove? Check out and listen to our favorite “Red Cat Squad Sounds” here:!

About Circus Cosmopolitana

The title of this series means that we, who share the same music, share the same world as well. Therefore it isn‘t just about music, it‘s a certain worldview. It also means that we should not think in states or nations but realize that today everything is linked and everybody can be connected. Consequently, we all should live together as equals in global unity. And because we‘re stronger together, this title also means to dance together through all the current disasters and – if only in spirit – raise our hands against these mad times we‘re living in. Because only united we can make a difference in this world, in order for the outcry „The fairest system is a soundsystem“ to cease to be true at some point in future times.

With this in mind, “Circus Cosmopolitana” is aimed at collecting and mixing together some best-of selections of tracks that inspire and drive us every day to keep doing the very things we do. Up next? DJ mixes spanning from alternative worldbeats to the many different flavors of dnb, edm & rap!

Available Online So Far

  • Circus Cosmopolitana #1

    My online debut mix set – “SONGS OF FREEDOM” is a selection of some of the best alternative worldbeats and global dance sounds. Celebrating peace and unity, it fuses into one never-ending, good-vibing escapist dancea two and a half hours soul-easing, freedom-giving dance & bass therapie!

  • Circus Cosmopolitana #2

    My second session – “LA RÉSIS-DANCE” – is an in-spite-of-everything-anthem to peace, freedom & creative resistance. Thus, this new handpicked mix of the best alternative dance sounds from all over the world is a redesigned, slashed & especially party-boosted live edition of my first “Circus Cosmopolitana” set. Lose yourself in 90+ minutes full of pushing basses and inspiring vocals, let positive vibes and new hopes flow!

  • Circus Cosmopolitana #3

    The first musical attack of my “DRUM’N’BASS ARMY” is a firework of Vocal DnB Bangers, that call for the world to be a better place. This musical army has been mixed together as a live DJ set aimed to be a beat-, good vibe- & peace-dropping attack for your speakers because music is a weapon itself! Ready to bass-blast your neighbourhood? Check out my Red Cat Squad Sounds” Mixcloud Channel!

  • Circus Cosmoplitana #4

    The second musical squad of my »Drum’n’Bass Army« – the »DRUM’N’BASS MADNESS« mix – is a powerful bass-laden turntable mix of some of my very favourite heavy, sick & dark DnB tunes – as always framed by a strong desire to somehow unfuck this fucking world. Have a free listen to my latest DJ set here and drum-and-bass-fire away!

  • Circus Cosmopolitana #5

    The next “DRUM’N’BASS ARMY” is coming soon!

Support Red Cat Squad Sounds

You can support us with a PayPal donation or by wearing one of our handmade Eco Shirts (e.g. our “Circus Cosmopolitana” or “Drum’n’Bass Army” print designs). Also, the original artwork for the first sessions is available as Art Print here.

Furthermore, you can visit our partner project Red Cat Squad on Instagram, which, originally, is an eco-revolutionary streetwear, screen printing & graphic design manufactury, also creating, collecting and documenting deviant street art.

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